5 Restaurant Design Tips

Discover a few of the trends occurring within the restaurant design industry.

The atmosphere of a restaurant is important to customers. Through interior design, you can communicate your restaurant’s unique experience, make customers feel at home, and even elevate the dining room to feel luxurious. In the restaurant and hospitality business, you will want to consider these things to create a stunning environment for your business that keeps customers returning for years to come. Use our tips to help you design the perfect restaurant space.

Make a Statement With Your Entrance

When customers enter your restaurant, they should immediately notice what makes your space different from the rest. A stunning foyer and unique statement door can have a huge impact on customers, visitors, and even passersby, which can boost your restaurant’s appeal and help to reel in customers. The entrance is also a great way to communicate your restaurant’s interior design through bold and unique displays.

Focus on Lighting

Lighting is key to getting the atmosphere right in any restaurant. The level of lighting is important to making customers feel at home while also receiving high-end treatment. Lighting with the right tone can transform a space into an intimate, charming restaurant experience. The lighting fixtures themselves are also important, as these can help to decorate and cater your space to your target clientele.

Build an Atmosphere Using Color

Bold walls, unique art, and the right color of wooden flooring can all add significantly to the atmosphere of your restaurant space. Color will play a serious role in your interior design, so when choosing statement pieces and paint colors, be sure to consider the look and feeling you want in your restaurant. Do you want dark woods and deep reds to create a high-end, intimate space? Or are you looking for lighter woods and brighter tile to make the most of the natural light in your restaurant?

Mix Up Table Styles

Furniture will play a huge part in the overall interior design of your restaurant. By using a variety of table styles and sizes, you will be able to make the most out of your space, seating the perfect amount of customers and establishing a unique atmosphere. Consider a few styles of wooden tables and chairs to add a natural look in your design, or mix up the sizes and styles of tables to give your restaurant an eclectic look.

Add a Personal Touch

A little bit of personality can go a long way in a restaurant environment. Antique or vintage items decorating the walls of your restaurant can instantly make the place feel more welcoming. Interesting lighting pieces or wall art that you may have in your own home can add visual interest to the space.


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