Commercial Wood Flooring Maintenance Tips

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Learn how to take care of the wood flooring inside your workplace.

Commercial wood flooring is known for its beauty, versatility, and quality. That doesn’t mean you can just set it and forget it. To help wood flooring maintain those qualities in commercial spaces, it must be properly cared for. Because commercial spaces see more foot traffic than residences, your wood flooring will require more care and attention. Here are some tips for keeping your floors at their best.


A key element for commercial wood flooring is the polyurethane finish. If you opted for pre-finished wood, then your floors have already been treated with this coating. However, if you chose unfinished wood, then you’ll need to add a layer of polyurethane once the installation is complete. It’s a product that will help protect the surface of your floors by sealing in the wood. For unfinished wood, make sure that it is properly sanded first to make sure that the surface will be smooth and ready for the polyurethane coating.

Daily Maintenance

Once the floors are installed, you’ll need to create a regular schedule for maintenance. Wood flooring maintenance is necessary for the look and condition of the floors. When people constantly walk over it in heels and other kinds of shoes, you will see the floor lose its luster. Daily maintenance should include normal cleaning services, like sweeping and mopping. In addition, you should also schedule periodic deep cleaning, which will include specialized equipment like wood-specific cleaner. Invest in services that include scrubbing and buffing. Consult the manufacturer for any other specialized tips and suggestions or instructions.

Annual Maintenance

Each year on the anniversary of its installation, reapply a finish to the wood. This not only acts as protectant, but it also maintains the beauty of the wood. Think about the level of shine you want to achieve and based on that, make your decision about what type of finish to apply. The available options are matte, satin sheen, semi-gloss, and gloss sheen.


To prevent excessive scratches and other damage in the wood, take some preventative measures, like using felt pads on heavy furniture. Throw rugs are also a great way to bring more color into the space and completely cover large areas of the flooring. If there are any spills, be sure to clean them up immediately so that it doesn’t get the opportunity to soak into the wood.  

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