Increase Productivity With These Office Design Tips

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Discover a few simple office design tips.

If you work from an office, whether at home or somewhere public, the layout and overall aesthetic of your space plays a super important role in your productivity. The most important factor when it comes to someone’s ability to focus and remain productive is the environment that they are working in. With a few tips and a couple of tweaks to your office space, you will be able to boost your productivity and actually enjoy going into work every day. Pay attention to your senses! This way, you can narrow in on what to change to increase your productivity.


Look around your office; what do you see? If there is any clutter, this needs to change right away. Clutter is very unhelpful when it comes to proper focus and productivity. Keep your area clean by spending ten minutes every morning or evening to make sure your things are put away, filed, and organized so that you are not distracted by them later. Take note of the colors around you. Company offices are often dull and tired, so bring in some of your own things to liven up the place. Blue is a color that increases productivity, or choose an object that happens your favorite color.


Ensure that your office chair is comfortable enough so you do not get aches and pains, but not too comfortable as to make you sleepy. It is important to strike a balance between comfort and productive working. Although most offices are kept at a temperature ranging from 65F to 68F, people are actually more productive at warmer temperatures. Bring in a sweater or space heater to your office if this will help you increase your productivity.


It may seem odd, but our sense of smell can be a powerful factor in affecting our mood and mindset during the workday. Consider using some scents to bring yourself back down to earth when you find yourself distracted. For example, pine increases alertness, cinnamon improves focus, lavender helps to relax, peppermint lifts your mood, and citrus can be used to wake you up and lift your spirits.


Depending on the layout of your office and the type of company you work for, noise level can vary from work environment to work environment. Elevated noise levels can distract you, thus decreasing your productivity. If allowed, bring noise cancelling headphones and use music services like Apple Music or Spotify to play concentration boosting sounds and music. Some find that white noise is a great way increase concentration.

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