Mahogany Wood Maintenance Tips

Learn how to care for mahogany wood.

You’ve finally done it; you have invested in a mahogany wood piece that will be in your family now for generations. Perhaps it is a beautiful dining room table with matching chairs, or an exquisite armoire. Maybe it is a grand king size bed and accompanying night stands. Mahogany is expensive and beautiful will its reddish brown color and uniform grain. Mahogany trees have fewer knots compared to other trees, which serve to make it such a beautiful building material. Whether you have invested in a mahogany cabinet or mahogany floors, it is important that you know how to care for this classic and elegant building material. Protect your mahogany pieces with the tips detailed in this article.

Avoid Excess

When it comes to caring for mahogany, it is best to avoid excess whenever possible. What does this mean? Anything that could be harsh to the wood finish should be avoided. Keep your mahogany away from excessive moisture, as it can adversely affect the wood. Never use a pressure washer to clean mahogany decks or outdoor furniture. If you must use water, use a damp cloth, not a soaked one. In addition to water, avoid exposing your mahogany to excessive sun. If you have a mahogany deck, perhaps it is a good idea to surround it with trees or shrubs so that it is protected with shadows. Make sure you refinish your mahogany when you see a dulled appearance, scratches, or flakes on its surface.

In addition to keeping your mahogany away from the elements, it is important to not excessively clean it. Never use abrasive cleaners, as they can cause discoloration, staining, and can even remove the finish on the wood.

Mahogany Indoors

Since mahogany is prone to expansion and contraction with changing temperatures and humidity levels, it is important to maintain a controlled environment indoors. In the winter, be sure to use a humidifier to prevent your mahogany from drying out. This tip is vital if you are using a lot of heaters during the winter.

Protect and Seal

The best way to protect and maintain your mahogany pieces is to refinish them periodically. Before you apply a sealant, clean the wood thoroughly and sand the surface to remove all excess dirt. Pick water-based sealants because they are environmentally friendly and are good or UV protection.

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