3 Trends Within the Architectural Millwork Industry


Discover a few trends within the architectural millwork industry!

As with every industry, trends come and go within the world of architectural millwork. Emerging industry trends are often responsible for pushing innovation toward improved aesthetics and functionality. Architectural millwork must always look for new and intriguing ways to provide solutions and enhance the beauty of a space. Here are three trends within the architectural millwork industry.   

Technological Incorporation

Architectural millwork that incorporates technology is some of the most creative and appealing products on the market today. Business owners and property managers can use it to track the amount of traffic that comes through a space. For example, hidden occupancy sensors placed within ceiling slats can track the number of people that come in and out of a room, without having to install a device that would be obtrusive or unappealing. It allows for data to be collected for analysis for various purposes.

Enhanced Connectivity

Business operations are now in a place where they don’t have to be limited to who happens to be in the office on any given day. Now, communications capabilities must be able to support the ability to communicate with people outside of the office, and oftentimes, around the world. In many offices, the conference table is a major place of convergence for professionals. It’s necessary that the table itself facilitate the sending and receiving of messages through IT, HDMI, and other AV aspects. The need is continuously growing to be able to plug in devices and share content on a screen or send files during a meeting. The creation of this type of architectural millwork often requires the collaboration between the builders themselves and technological subcontractors.

LED Lighting

Choosing between surface or recess mounting is one of the top choices when it comes to incorporating LED lighting into architectural millwork. The advantages of the smaller sizes, lower energy consumption, and longer life all make LED lighting a more attractive option for incorporating into millwork designs. We see examples of this marriage in commercial building lobbies. One of the main considerations must be accounting access to drivers and wiring for maintenance.    


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