Architectural Millwork: A Guide to Various Wood Species

Custom architectural millwork is one of the defining characteristics of the interior of any space. Whether it’s a commercial office space, a hospital, or a casino, millwork adds an aesthetic appeal that is wholly unique. It’s at once elegant yet understated, natural yet modern. It’s no wonder architectural millwork is such a popular addition to any interior.

In addition to the custom design, millwork is also made custom by virtue of the wood species that you choose to work with. Different species of wood have different characteristics, and can greatly affect the aesthetic of the interior. There are lots of species to choose from, which can make the choice itself a little overwhelming. That’s why in this week’s blog, we’re going to talk about some of the most popular species of wood, in order to help you make your architectural millwork design choice!


Different wood species give architectural millwork unique characteristics.

Architectural Millwork: Wood Species


Maple is one of the most popular wood species for a number of reasons. First, you can choose from sapwoord, which is a light brown, or heartwood, which is a darker brown. You can also get both hard and soft maple. Hard maple is so strong that it is commonly used in wood flooring. This beautiful wood is sure to look good in any architectural millwork application.


Another popular wood species, cedar has a straight grain, a hint of red accent, and that classic cedar smell. Cedar is a softwood that can handle any environment.


Mahogany is frequently used in high-end applications, and is prized for its deep reddish brown and straight grain texture. Mahogany is a hardwood that stains well and looks beautiful in any architectural millwork design.


This hardwood has a rich, deep brown color, and is a very durable wood species. Walnut is commonly used in interior accent designs.

Red Oak

Another hardwood, red oak is one of the strongest woods available. It’s broad zig-zag grain makes it especially attractive for interior fittings and architectural millwork.

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