Molding Materials and their Applications


Molding is the defining feature of your structure.

Molding and trim might be a much more important part of your home or business than you thought. With the right molding materials, you can find the style that you’re looking for. There are many types of trim and molding materials that you can install to create the perfect design for your house. Want to find out what type of materials you should install? Check it out-

Your Choice of Materials

There a few materials that you can choose from for your molding. The most popular is wood molding. Its versatile, cheap, and looks great. Wood is also easy to paint and flows easily with your walls, so it is a fantastic option for anyone who wants some flexibility with their design. There are some other options that are also great for some people who want something a bit different from the norm. Some of the other molding materials include substances like foam, plastic, and rubber. These materials are made to look like wood, but often have special benefits like being water resistant or extremely flexible.

Types of Trim

The type of trim you install completely depends on the type of decoration and style that you want in your home. The most popular option for trim is the baseboard. This is exactly what you think it is- a board at the base of the wall, creating a clean connection between the wall and the floor. Casing is another form of trim. This is the trim that surrounds the outside of doors, doorways, and windows in your home. One more common form of trim is the chair rail. A chair rail is molding that sits partway up your wall. Often times, this type of molding is used in fancier areas like dining rooms and formal living rooms. Some other options include crown molding, wainscoting, and picture or plate rail.

Where Should You Put Your Molding?

There are a lot of options out there for molding. How much molding you want and where you want it depends entirely on the style of your house. The best part is that the choice is completely up to you. If you only want trim in fancy areas, then so be it! If you’d rather it be throughout the entire house then you can do that, too! Get in touch with professionals at Mahogany Inc. to discover the right options for you.


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