3 Advantages of Wooden Window Frames

wood windows

Discover the benefits of wooden windows.

If your windows could sorely use replacing you may be wondering what the best material will be. Vinyl has become one of the most popular options, but it is far from the best. Wooden windows, on the other hand, offer the most benefits and cost-effectiveness long term. While wooden windows have their own sets of particular needs, they offer a variety of benefits that cannot be overlooked. Wooden window frames will add to the long-term beauty and resale value of your home while making a beautiful statement. As you look into the different options, make sure to give wood your full consideration!   

Long Lasting

While wood does need proper care, when treated well it will last a lifetime. This makes it invaluable as most care takes time but does not cost very much. Most other window types will wear out, rust, and need to be replaced far more frequently. Over time the initial cost of wood will be negated by the overall savings. Not to mention, wood is extremely useful in areas with high humidity where the risk of rust is much higher.

Better Insulation

If your home has ever suffered from drafty windows, you’re going to love how well wood frames insulate your home. Well made wooden frames offer up to 400 times the insulation of steal and over 1000 times the insulation of aluminum. This means you can expect to save a significant amount when it comes to your heating and air conditioning bills. Wood is also better at absorbing sound, so whether it’s you or your neighbors being loud, wood windows will help keep you from disruption.


One of the most common reasons for homeowners to choose wooden windows is the aesthetics. To put it simply; wooden windows look nicer. Wood window frames offer classic elegance and warmth that no other material can provide. With older or traditionally styled homes there is nothing more appealing than wooden windows. It’s also one of the most easily customizable materials as it accepts a layer of paint more willingly than anything else.


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