5 Classroom Design Tips

Learn how to design for a classroom.

One of the many factors that can affect the way children learn is their environment. It’s essential that the interior design of the classroom facilitates their ability to learn and grasp new concepts. Here are some classroom design tips for the new school year.

Less Is More

Cluttered classrooms can create an experience of sensory overload. It may be difficult for young minds to concentrate on the lesson with many other items stealing their attention. The first and simplest classroom design tip is to subtract some things from the room. Experts suggests that teachers take a trunk full of accessories and other items out of the room; most of the time, those items never make it back in.

Seating Options

You can probably picture a traditional classroom with rows of chairs and desks all facing the teacher and chalkboard. Try using a flexible seating arrangement that allows the students to move around the room more frequently, depending on the lesson for that day. You could also consider other seating options, including hokki stools or bean bags.

Teacher Workspace

Just as important as the student experience in the classroom is the experience of the teacher. Think about your workspace and whether it works efficiently for you as you teach. Consider minimizing your work area or getting rid of it altogether. Instead of having it in the middle of the floor at the front of the room, push it against the wall to give the students access to more square footage in the room.

Collaboration Space

Not all classroom work is independent. There are a lot of lessons that require the students to work together. Think about creating a space in your classroom dedicated to collaboration. That could mean removing the desks from that are or using furniture that is easy to move and set up in pods or other collaborative configurations.

Writable Surfaces

It’s true that students can get restless after sitting in one position for a certain amount of time. Consider adding more writable surfaces in the room. When students work in groups or even independently, they will use the extra space to write out their thoughts while being able to get up from their desks.


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