Interior Casino Designs: Past and Present

Did you know that Mahogany, Inc. had a hand in the interior design of Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino?

Did you know that Mahogany, Inc. had a hand in the interior design of Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino? Casinos draw people in and are an exciting place to be. What makes a casino so marvelous? If your answer is”its interior design,” then you’d be correct. Then, of course, there’s the possibility of winning a lot of money and taking a break from the mundane work week.  If you want to learn more about interior casino design ideas from the past and present, keep reading!

Casinos in the Past

If a casino is well-designed, it’ll influence people to spend more money. Bill Friedman, although unknown to many people, is famous for being in the brick-and-mortar casino business. His rule of thumb was for casinos to be dark with low ceilings, maze-like, and with minimal decorative objects. He intended to make sure that gamblers would focus on the machines and not be distracted by anything else.

In the past, casinos also didn’t have clocks on the wall so that players would lose track of time. This approach wasn’t exactly ethical, but it made money and has been the standard for a long time. Luckily, casinos today are more modernized.

Modern Casinos

David Cranes pioneered the playground design in 1995. His interior design ideas were completely different. He and other interior designers realized that when people spend their money, they want to spend it in an environment that makes them happy. When a room is dark and maze-like, people don’t feel comfortable or happy. Natural light and decorative objects are features of modern casinos. Casinos now also have large open spaces so that people don’t feel trapped.

Internet Gambling

Did you know that online casinos exist? Often online gambling is modeled after real casinos. While online websites don’t utilize interior design, they make sure that their web design is visually appealing, making sure that it’s more marketable. Not only should a business have excellent customer service and an excellent reputation, but design features come into play.

The concept of interior design is applicable in many cases. Whether you want custom architectural millwork in your home or a commercial site such as a hospital, restaurant, or something grand like a casino, it makes a difference. If you’re thinking about an upgrade for your home or commercial site, give Mahogany, Inc. a call.


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