Learn How To Design A Stunning Hotel

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Learn how to design a hotel.

When you’re considering a hotel remodel or redesign there are a lot of factors to consider. How your hotel looks can have a significant impact on your guests’ satisfaction, reviews, and return levels. In today’s increasingly engaged world, those impressions and reviews can make a huge difference in your business success. One of the most important factors is always cleanliness – nothing turns off potential guest, and nothing makes customers as dissatisfied as the prospect of a dirty hotel. With that first point in mind, let’s talk about some of the key design points.

Flooring First

One of the most essential things in your hotel is the flooring. Dirty, unkempt carpets can be a huge turn-off, and when angry customers post photos of stained carpets online, it can do numbers to your business. Instead, it may be best to invest in hardwood or vinyl flooring. Along with being easier to clean and more luxurious looking, adding throw carpets on top of your hardwood can ensure that a cozy space is provided without the danger of permanent stains.

Light The Way

From the amount and location of lighting to the types of bulbs used, hotel owners need to pay attention to their lighting strategy. In guest rooms adjustable lighting is best, that way visitors an adjust the lighting levels to their preference. In hallways, lighting must be continuous, bright, and checked for issues frequently. In other areas such as your lobby and lounges, a dimmer more atmospheric lighting can be used to help set a relaxed and cozy mood.

Keep Guest Rooms Great

No matter how stunning your common areas, if your guest rooms are lacking your customers will be frustrated. Even when the design is kept simple, the quality levels should be high, and everything should be kept a pristine level of clean. One of the best tips we can give is to routinely check for and fix any dents, dings, or scrapes in the paint of the walls.

Consider Water Sustainability

Sustainability is something we frequently consider, if your hotel is older you may be losing a lot of energy and water because of outdated bathrooms. Making a switch to high pressure but conserving shower heads, dual flushing toilets, and even a water recycling system can help significantly. Not only will customers love that you’re being sustainable, but your bills will be lower too.  

Extra Charging Stations

While encouraging your guests to spend time on mobile devices may not seem like a great idea if they’re on holiday, having plenty of charging stations and outlets is something many will remember favorably.  


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