Simple Office Remodeling Tips

Learn how to remodel your office space.

One of the biggest factors that contribute to productivity is the office design. The way in which the layout, furnishings, and aesthetic choices work together will either promote or inhibit productivity, employee comfort, and morale. If you’re about to undergo a remodel, there are some factors you should keep in mind to ensure that the new design will check every box on your list. Check out these office remodeling tips.


The colors that you choose for the walls have more importance than just what they add to the overall look of the office. Humans have various emotional responses to color that impact mood and energy. High-stress jobs would benefit from cool, neutral tones as they invoke a feeling of calm. More mundane jobs that may need to help inspire professionals to be energetic and active should choose bold colors.


The lighting in your office must be adequate to assist with vision, yet not too bright that it causes headaches and other problems. Talk with your general contracting professional about designing a lighting system that is effective and energy efficient. Also, think of some clever ways to bring more natural light into the office. Use blinds instead of heavy curtains that can be easily adjusted as the sun moves throughout the day.


One of the main frustrations that many professionals face is having proper storage and space to adequately organize all their files, reference books, folders, and paperwork. Built-in bookcases will be helpful toward the creation of a filing system that allows employees access to their necessary resources at all times. Depending on the overall style of the remodel, you can choose a high-end finish to create an upscale look, or a mixture of metals for a modern and sleek look.

Wall Space

Once your employees run out of desk space, they usually opt to store things on the floor. This is dangerous because it can cause a tripping hazard for people walking by. Instead, take advantage of the vertical space on the walls by installing wall cabinets, much like those you would find in a residential kitchen. It takes advantage of space that would otherwise be empty and unused.  


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