Why Wood Is Such A Great Material


The perks of using wood for any project!

At Mahogany, Inc. we love wood (which you probably could’ve guessed from our name!). It is sturdy, beautiful, and incredibly environmentally friendly. Here are some of our top reasons why we think that wood is a phenomenal building material.


Wood is a sustainable resource, and thanks to legislation and regulation more and more companies are contributing to its sustainability. Trees are naturally trying to reproduce and grow their population all the time, so managed forests allow them to safely do this without the threat of being chopped down. In order to be certified, there are many rigorous steps that companies need to take to ensure they aren’t just talking the talk.

Environmentally Friendly

Trees are uniquely able to actually store carbon inside of themselves, and they remove harmful carbon from the atmosphere. Even once trees are harvested and manufactured or used for beautiful architectural millwork in your home, the carbon is still stored in the wood! Almost half of the dry weight of wood is actually carbon that it has taken out of the atmosphere. Beyond this, the processes used to produce and break down wood are very energy efficient, so they give finished wood products a surprisingly low carbon footprint.



Wood is still the premier building material, despite all of the scientific and technological advancements. What does that tell you? It’s a fantastic product! Wood is incredibly durable in a variety of residential and commercial applications. If you take care of your wood and maintain it properly, it can easily last hundreds of years. It is incredibly strong. A recent comparison study showed that radiate pine structural timber has a strength to weight ratio an amazing 20% higher than structural steel and 400-500% higher than non-reinforced concrete. With strength and durability like that, wood is a wondrous material.


Hire a Wonderful Craftsman for Your Interior Design and Architectural Millwork

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