The Reception Area is the Most Important Area of the Office

reception area

The reception area communicates what kind of business you are to customers.

Modern office design demands a workspace that reflects the vision, branding, and personality of your entire company. The same applies to your lobby or waiting area. Each client who walks through your doors will receive their first impression when they examine the layout, texture, and flow of your reception area. For many companies, a powerful custom wood desk is the centerpiece of their reception area, immediately inviting guests and informing them on the quality service they can expect.

The Reception Area Communicates Company’s Aesthetic and Culture

Guests in reception often find themselves alone for a span of a few minutes to a half an hour or more. It’s important that your reception area hones in branded design, room layout, and “flow” in order to give the right impression. Whether your business values innovation, creativity, tradition or elegance, it’s important to reflect that message in the design of your reception area and desk.

Better Employee Mindset

A subtle welcome from an organized reception area boosts employee mood and mindset. It also establishes a sense of identity for your workplace and reminds employees that they are a part of something big and important. The other thing to consider when planning a reception desk is that receptionists are typically busy managing a thousand and one things. Having a larger area for receptionists to sprawl their materials is incredibly helpful, in addition to making your office space look professional.

Get More Out of Your Design Budget

Something that many office planners overlook is that investing in high traffic areas such as the reception area will give you the greatest return on your budget. A durable high-end reception desk and sustainable flooring not only brings out the “wow!” factor in your business, but also ensures that your reception area doesn’t consistently fall into a state of disrepair. Remember, with reception areas, less is more. Trends are constantly changing, so it’s smart to stick with simplistic, yet modern furnishings that can communicate your business message for years to come.

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