What Makes Mahogany So Good to Work With?


Mahogany is both gorgeous and easy to work with.

Mahogany is one of the most popular types of wood used throughout the country today. You can spot it in beautifully polished end tables in the priciest and most luxurious hotels and in gorgeous stringed instruments. There are many different types of mahogany, and much of mahogany’s great reputation comes from how easy it is to work with. What exactly sets mahogany apart from other woods and makes it the woodworker’s go-to?

A Consistent Product, Before and After Finishing

Mahogany trees are well known for producing great quality boards. They are almost always customizable to any size specifications and without many (or any) knots or defects. This eases the job of any woodworker and allows for a great deal of trust in the materials before the work ever begins. Once they are done, mahogany produces beautiful and sturdy furniture with good rot resistance and pest protection. Some woods can be havens for termites and other dangerous bugs, but mahogany is naturally resistant to bugs and other pests that can plague wood. Mahogany has a gorgeous grain that can be polished to look luxurious and distinctive—consistency that isn’t always easy to find in other types of wood.


Mahogany is a strong and stable wood. Flat pieces will stay flat without much fussing or re-gluing. The same goes for joints or glue-ups, something that can be a pain with wood that is more sensitive to changes in humidity or weather. Mahogany lasts well throughout the year, even in humid climates like Maryland, and displays only a small amount of shrinking or swelling as the air changes.


Another huge strength of mahogany is its natural workability. It is very cooperative with almost whatever you would like it to do, whether it is evenly sanding it down or machining. Mahogany has a density that is perfectly in the middle for woodworking. It is just hard enough but not so hard that it is difficult to work with. As long as the wood itself is a good quality mahogany, you should have no trouble getting it to do exactly what you want it to!

Hardwood or Softwood, Mahogany, Inc. Has You Covered

Mahogany Inc. is a general contractor that specializes in quality construction for residential and commercial projects. We have the expertise and experience to tackle whatever your custom woodwork job is (and acquire those hard to find woods you might want to use!). If you are looking for work that will set your living room, kitchen, or business apart, contact us online or give us a call at (410) 727-0334. To see examples of our wonderful work and see what our customers have to say, check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.


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