3 Laminate Countertop Maintenance Tips

Learn how to properly care for your laminate countertops!

Learn how to properly care for your laminate countertops!

Whether you have a brand new plastic laminate countertop or are just looking to take better care of the one that you have, these maintenance tips are here to help. Thankfully, plastic laminate countertops are some of the easiest to maintain, so clean-up and maintenance is a breeze.

Clean Up as Quickly as Possible

Plastic laminate countertops are prone to staining, so the best way to preserve their color is by cleaning up spills as quickly as possible. The more time that it sits on the surface, the more likely it is that your daughter’s fruit punch will stay on the counter forever. To clean your plastic laminate countertops, never use a harsh cleaner like bleach or tile cleaner. These can etch into the surface and cause discoloration. If there are coffee or tea stains, use a simple paste made of a gentle household cleaner and baking soda and allow it to set. Once you’re done, rinse and repeat (if necessary!). Never use steel wool to clean your laminate countertops.

Repair as Needed

Plastic laminate countertops are more easily dinged and damaged than some other countertop types thanks to their smooth and glossy surface that shows imperfections easily. Repair the surface of your laminate countertop as often as needed as part of your maintenance routine. Your local hardware store or countertop manufacturer should sell a paste made specifically for repairing plastic laminate countertops. Pick the shade that matches your countertop and repair away! The longer that you wait, the more likely the scratch or chip is to get worse.

Watch Your Water Usage

One of the only cons of laminate countertops is their susceptibility to water damage. If you spot any swelling, discoloration, or irregularities in the seams, you should be prepared to pay for a repair. When cleaning, always keep water away from the seams, where it can seep in and cause damage that spreads throughout the countertop.

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