4 Commercial Interior Design Tips

With a public establishment, you have to appeal to the tastes of potential customers and clients.

Commercial interior design is different than residential interior design. With residential interior design, the process reflects the homeowner’s personality and personal preferences. However, with a public establishment, you have to appeal to the tastes of potential customers and clients. There indeed has to be more structure and polish with the hopes of mass appeal. If you are a business owner that needs help with commercial interior design, then Mahogany, Inc. is here to help. We’ve installed woodwork in hotels, hospitals, and more! If you’re a business owner who needs a new perspective, then keep reading! We’re here to share with you five commercial interior design tips.

1) Earth Tones

Earth tones reflect the warmth and beauty of nature. Deeper tones aren’t too abrasive, and they have a way of making anyone who walks into your establishment feel welcomed. If you feel as if deep tones are also reserved, then you can always add pops of color into the design to break up the monotony.

2) Style and Comfort

If you want your business to be modern, then you must keep style and comfort in mind. A word that’s been trending for a while is “ergonomic.” This word means both efficiency and comfortability in the work environment. Chairs with adjustable arms, headrests on office seating, and standing desks, especially for those who are tall are all ways to make your office more accommodating. Still, comfort does not mean that you have to sacrifice style. Your office or lobby chairs can always be unique. Swivel desk chairs can come in vibrant red tones or striking blue hues. Lobbies can have sleek office furniture for a more modern appeal or have wooden tones for a classic aesthetic.

3) Dual Functionality

If you’re on a budget, there are many ways that the spaces in your building can have multiple purposes. For example, did you know that some filing cabinets have seats that slide out just in case there’s an impromptu meeting? Also, there are lounge chairs with tablet arms built in so that your employees can work on-demand. Some business owners have even invested in movable walls to help extend a space.

4) Eco-Friendliness and Safety

There is a push to make sure that buildings are environmentally friendly. Mahogany, Inc. can help with this. We specialize in building commissioning so that buildings can run as efficiently, safely, and energy-efficient as possible. Also, open layouts are another way to promote safety. When an establishment is hard to maneuver in, it makes the building a safety hazard. Not only are these layouts more visually appealing, but if an emergency happens, you, your employees, and clients can exit the building without hindrances.

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