5 Questions Woodworking Contractors Should Ask the Homeowner Before Construction

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This article provides a few vital questions woodworking contractors should ask the homeowner before starting the construction project.

For woodworking contractors starting a home construction project, ensuring everyone is agreeable before anyone signs the contract is essential. This article provides a few vital questions woodworking contractors should ask the homeowner before starting the construction project. Their answers to these questions will assist you in determining whether the project is worth it or not.

Have You Completed a Renovation or Construction Project?

With first-time homeowners, open communications will be crucial to avoiding problems. In addition, if they’ve mentioned that they contributed to several projects before, you may have to dig around to verify for payment issues. Ask the general contractor or a sub-contractor on one of those construction projects to learn what the homeowner was like to work for. Were there any issues? What is their payment process? Overall, you can receive information by communicating with the right people.

Does Your Property Come with a Mortgage? If Yes, Which Bank?

Furthermore, your primary goal should always be safeguarding your construction job payments. Some states require woodworking contractors to submit specific documents to the mortgage holder if they are in a payment dispute. Getting the mortgage lender involved can help add extra pressure on the homeowner to pay even if no documents are required.

Additionally, the mortgage bank might prioritize your claim in the event of a lien, depending on the lien rules in your state and when the loan was created. It’s important to receive this information before potential problems arise.

How Will You be Paying for the Project?

Moreover, you can trace many payment disputes to the source of the project funds. Asking the homeowner how they will be funding the construction and who is handling those funds will assist you in examining whether they are devoted to the task. In some cases, the homeowner’s funding might affect how you create your contract.

Do You Have a Visual Design for the Project?

Most homeowners begin a project without a clear vision of what they want and will change the specs several times during a job. This can make it impossible to arrange an accurate quote and boosts the chances of a payment dispute. The more details you can receive, the better.

Are You Familiar with Mechanics Liens?

Lastly, the homeowner’s answer to this question will determine whether they take their payment responsibilities seriously. A homeowner will more likely pay a woodworking contractor on time if they understand the non-payment risks. In addition, now is the time to set apparent expectations with owners unfamiliar with liens.

Informing the homeowner about how mechanics liens function can assist avoid a lot of payment headaches during the construction project. Each state has its own liens rules, notices, and deadlines so take your time explaining each document. Also, discuss your company’s credit policy because they must know that if they don’t pay you or any other contractor, there might be a lien against their property.

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