How to Care for Wooden Home Furniture

The Benefits of Wooden Patio Furniture

Learn how To Care For Wooden Furniture.

Wooden furniture is a compliment to any decor and can last for generations with the proper care. When you invest in wooden furniture, either inheriting antique heirloom pieces or through purchasing new, properly maintaining and treating the wood is critical to keeping good shape and functionality for decades. Here are some wood tips to help your wooden furniture stay looking brand new:

Avoid Heat & Light

Most of us know that wood expands and shrinks with the fluctuations in temperatures and wooden furniture is no exception. Wood tip number one is to keep your furniture in an environment where the temperature and humidity stay constant. Don’t store your wooden furniture in an attic or basement or position it near radiators, fireplaces, heating vents, etc. to retain the moisture level in your wood. Direct sunlight will also fade your furniture, but if you can’t avoid placing it in direct sunlight, use drapes, sheers, or protective window films to protect against the sun.

Protect from Damage

While wood is extremely durable and can last for a long time, everyday life can be particularly hard on your wood furniture, especially when it comes to dining room tables or coffee tables. Wood tip number two is to place your morning coffee mug and evening cocktail on a cork or felt-bottomed coaster to avoid leaving rings in the finish of your wood furniture. Hot dishes, like casserole dishes, or cookie sheets can also ruin the finish on your wood, so use trivets to support them if placing them on your wooden dining room table. Place mats, tablecloths, and padded covers can protect your dining room table from scrapes and spills, especially if you have little ones at home.  

You can also use polish or wax to protect the surface of your furniture, but don’t use both! Using both polish and wax on your wood furniture will create a sticky mess. As for pros and cons of wax or polish–wax is durable and will create a long-lasting coating on your furniture, it does, however, take some elbow grease to apply correctly. Furniture polish is easier to apply but is easy to overuse. Unfortunately, layers of polish combined with the soil that was tarnishing the finish in the first place will create a sticky film over time. If you want to apply wax or polish, ensure that you clean and dry the wood properly.

Clean and Dust Regularly

Wood tip number three, which may be the most critical, is to clean and dust as often as you can, but always with care. If your wood furniture is in need of heavier cleaning, use an oil soap solution as per the oil soap package and use a barely damp natural sponge. Gently stroke your furniture to loosen any residue or film and rinse it with a different sponge wrung out in clear water, then dry with a fresh cleaning cloth. MIcrofiber and cotton cleaning cloths are ideal for delicate finishes.

When dusting your wooden furniture, don’t dust with a dry cloth or feather duster, as they can scratch the finish on the wood. Opt for a barely damp microfiber, cotton cloth, or a lamb’s wool duster instead and dust often. The more often you dust, the less likely you’ll have an oily build-up over time, and the less often you’ll have to clean and wax or polish your furniture.


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