How to Clean and Maintain Your Millwork

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This blog discusses how to clean and maintain your millwork.

Whether you have a wooden staircase or a custom kitchen cabinetry, you should always clean and maintain your millwork. What happens when it wears out and appears tired? Let’s go over how to clean and maintain your millwork.

Avoid Using Abrasive Cleaning Liquids

Beautiful interior woodwork creates a tasteful accent in any space. It’s also the perfect investment to make a cohesive appearance throughout your home! To get the most out of your millwork, it’s important that you put in the time and effort to clean and maintain your millwork.

Moreover, never use anything besides water or a custom product to clean and maintain your millwork. Abrasive chemicals, waxes, and polishes can ruin the wood or stick to the surface and prevent future touch-ups. So, ensure you are using the right supplies. Use a lightly damped cloth to eliminate dirt and debris, and don’t neglect to dry the surface immediately, so the water doesn’t penetrate.

Watch Out for Excessive Moisture

In addition, wooden furniture and surfaces can withstand damage, but one of their weaknesses is moisture. It’s crucial to understand what happens to your wood as it absorbs and releases moisture. The problem is that its physical size changes. This can occur with doors, joints, and much more. You may even see corrupted and cracked finishes.

So, wood will absorb the excessive moisture in the air and expand. If the air is too dry, your millwork wood will release water and contract. Eventually, these natural movements will weaken the wooden structure and corrupt the appearance of the wood. Also, help maintain your millwork by using a humidifier or exhaust fans to upkeep a constant humidity between 25-55%.  

Regular Dusting Helps to Maintain Your Millwork

Furthermore, dust will collect on surfaces over time, and your wood is no exception. Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, you cannot escape the dust. Dust will settle on the surface, regardless of where you install your existing millwork. Routinely dusting is an easy way to clean and maintain your millwork.

This practice is essential because these airborne particles can be harsh and scratch your finish if left unchecked. Also, use a dry or soft cloth to gently wipe your interior wooden elements a few times a month.

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