How to Maintain Wood Paneling

how to maintain wood paneling

Maintaining wood paneling is the secret to it lasting a lifetime.

Custom wood paneling is any beautiful addition to any home. However, if it is not properly maintained, that stylish flair can turn dull and drab in the blink of an eye. In order to keep custom wood paneling looking beautiful and new, regular maintenance and care is needed. Here are some care steps you can put in practice to keep your custom wood paneling looking brand new for years and years.

Dust And Vacuum Regularly

Dust, dirt, and other debris will make a home in the nooks and crannies of genuine wood paneling if you let it. While dusting will effectively remove surface dirt, regular vacuuming is necessary to remove any and all pesky dirt. Add the soft brush attachment to the end of your vacuum before working methodically across the wall. Begin at the top and work your way down slowly. While you only need to vacuum every two months, weekly dustings are necessary.

Light Washing Is Key

In order to complete the light washing of custom wood paneling effectively, you will need a pair of 1 gallon buckets and 2 cellulose sponges. Then thoroughly mix 2 teaspoons of mild dishwashing detergent into a gallon bucket of warm water. Work from the bottom up, doing a small section at a time and drying immediately. Do not let the solution sit on the wood for long periods of time, as it can turn the finish on the wood thick and white.

A Lemon Oil Finish

Use lemon oil, or any oil or polish you prefer, to keep your custom wood paneling looking polished and beautiful for years and years to come. Apply the product with a clean cloth in the direction of the grain after it has been appropriately washed and dusted to maintain that brand new look you love.


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