Never-ending Benefits of Working with Wood

Discover the never-ending benefits of wood.

Discover the never-ending benefits of wood.

As humans, we’ve been harnessing the many benefits of working with wood for centuries. We’ve used it to make fire for cooking, and it’s been a major component in creating dwellings, which of course has been instrumental to survival. Wood, especially when responsibly resourced, is a material that we will also rely on because of its strength, versatility, and resilience. Even as other materials have become popular in construction, wood still retains many never-ending benefits.


The first benefit that many people are familiar with is that wood is incredibly durable. It’s often used in building homes and even commercial buildings. There are many edifices around the country that were made of wood that have stood the test of time and have survived the test of harsh weather and time. Regarding compression, wood has tested to be four to five times better than non-reinforced concrete.

Natural Insulation

As our early ancestors figured out, wood is a great natural insulator. In fact, it’s been tested to be up to 15 times better for insulation than masonry structures and concrete, 400 times better than steel, and an astonishing 1,770 times better than aluminum.


Regarding efficiency in building projects, wood makes for quick building as it is usually prepared for construction off-site and then subsequently brought on for construction. Comparisons have also shown that, regarding economic efficiency, wood frames for structures is cheaper and most cost-effective for builders.   


Without paint or any other additions, wood is a naturally beautiful material that attracts people with many different tastes and perspectives. It also offers aesthetic versatility as various species of wood creates their own atmosphere. Wood helps builders and designers create a specific feel for a space.

Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to the environment, one large contributor to climate change is carbon emissions, especially from human activity. Wood naturally removes carbon from the atmosphere and stores it within its cell structure. Trees that are responsibly harvested for wood are renewable, which helps maintain forests and generate fresh oxygen.


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