Philanthropy Tips: How to Give Back This Holiday Season

Give back this holiday season by engaging in philanthropy

Here at Mahogany, Inc., we’re known for our expert woodworking, general contracting, and building commissioning skills. However, we’re also known for our philanthropy. Small businesses or local businesses are the heart and soul of a community. Not only do local businesses such as hotels, hospitals, and educational facilities entrust in us to do a job well done. However, we also give back. Having an excellent establishment goes further than having a fantastic interior design. It’s all about enhancing a company’s culture so that you can boost employee morale and better your community. Here are some philanthropy tips and how to give back this holiday season. 

Put a Donation Jar Around the Office

Set up a donation jar in a high-traffic area of an office such as a lobby or reception area. Talk to your team about donating the money collected to a specific charity. It’s helpful if you add a blurb or synopsis of what the money is for by the donation jar. 

Plan a Team Event

Planning a volunteer event for your team is an excellent way to brand your business, create coworker cohesion, and help your community. Hosting a company event, but one that has a fantastic cause, serves so many purposes. If you want a better company culture, then this is the way to go.

Support Local Businesses 

No business stands alone. Each company needs support, from the manufacturers that they use, to the other local companies that use their services and support them. Giving back to your partners or anyone that helps your small business is always an excellent move. It shows compassion and gratitude. Your team could also spend time researching any establishments that need help within your community. Regardless of if they’ve used your services or not, giving back without expecting anything in return embodies the holiday spirit. 

Give to Your Employees

This tip isn’t necessarily a philanthropy tip, but you should give back to your employees. They are the backbone of your business. Throw a holiday party, or incorporate a secret Santa motif each year. Plan company contests and find creative ways to give out gift cards. 

Most importantly, give back to yourself. Pat yourself on the back for because you own a thriving business. Now, take the time to spend it with family or go on a relaxing vacation and revitalize yourself so that you’ll be ready for the new year! 


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