Restaurant Interior Design Considerations

Restaurant Interior Design

Woodwork can be a central component of restaurant interior design to offer a sense of luxury and elegance.

When you’re looking to make your restaurant more inviting and successful, your interior design is critical. While you might think that interior design is only secondary, it’s a crucial step to ensuring you get new and returning customers. When you create an environment that allows your guests to enjoy a meal with all five senses, they’ll make sure to return! Taking the time to make sure that you follow these four tips can help make your restaurant all the more welcoming! 

Consider Color 

Did you know that different colors have different effects on humans! You might have noticed that colors like blue, green, and lavender can have a calming effect, but did you know that warm colors like orange, yellow, and red can stimulate the appetite? Choosing warm but muted colors like terracotta and rust can help you utilize color psychology while keeping a classy, cozy look. 

Mood Lighting 

There are two distinct polar opposites when it comes to restaurant lighting. Too bright, and you risk creating a sterile, hospital-like setting that makes your guests uncomfortable. Too dark and they may feel like they need to bring a headlamp. When you use a blend of lighting types, you create a perfect balance. 

Appetizing Aromas 

Scents can have a significant impact on how your guests interact with their meal. Obviously, if they can smell trash and old food waste they’ll likely turn up their noses at even a perfectly prepared meal – but if the smell of cleaning supplies is present, it may cause decreased appetite as well. Using lightly scented cleaners and natural scented aroma diffusers or flowers can help make your space more suited to meals. Potted flowers like tuberose or lavender are a great option, they create minimal pollen and help ensure your space has a calming, natural scent. 

Comfortable Accommodations

No one goes to a restaurant for the furniture, but if your accommodations are uncomfortable, wobbly, or visibly distressed, they may turn up their nose. Investing in high quality, but simple furniture is a great way to ensure your space is comfortable for a long time to come. Wooden tables and chairs, in particular, are a great way to go as they add instant warmth and elegance while being quite durable.   


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