The Many Ways That You Can Use Mahogany

Mahogany helps pieces in your home look timeless and classic

We call ourselves Mahogany, Inc. for a reason. Mahogany is a rare, high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing wood type. Our company, too, is highly reputable. You may already know that you can use mahogany for hardwood flooring and doors, but are you familiar with the many other ways that you can use mahogany? If not, then keep reading. Today we’re going to discuss them.


Because mahogany wood has an interlocking grain, its water-resistant and isn’t prone to seeping. Therefore, it’s the perfect material for the exterior of yachts and boats. African wood is explicitly durable for the surface, while South American mahogany beautifies the interior, adding to its elegance. 

 Drums, Guitars, Violins, and Pianos 

Mahogany wood gives musical instruments their warm sound. Wood is a natural insulator, so this makes sense. Stereo headphones, as well as phonograph record cartridges, use this type of wood as well. 


If you’ve ever seen an elegant writing pen with a wood grain material, then it was most likely made from mahogany. South American mahogany gives writing pens a polished look and can be a unique and fashionable gift to give someone.


This material is extremely durable, making it not only perfect for hardwood floors and doors but furniture as well. Its reddish-brown coloring is timeless and pleasing to the eye. There are so many benefits behind adding natural elements to your residence or business. If you’re concerned about the cost, don’t worry. Adding mahogany as an outer covering to furniture does not cost as much.

Pool Sticks

Going out for a night on the town and playing pool is a pastime for some people. However, you may have never thought about a pool stick’s material. This particular use speaks to mahogany’s durability. Its tightly woven, interlocking grain helps it stand up to even a fierce game of pool.

Mahogany Is Magical

This material is magical, but if we haven’t convinced you, then there are many durable wood types that we offer. We are experts in woodwork and pride ourselves on providing the woodwork that will help your home or business. Have more questions about mahogany or our expertise woodwork skills, then give us a call. 


Whenever you’re ready to upgrade your front door or build a business, Mahogany Inc. has your back. Call us at 410-727-0334 with any questions and speak to one of our licensed professionals. To see examples of our work or to gain inspiration for your next project, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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