Tips For Caring For Hardwood Floors

Follows these to properly care for your hardwood floors.

Follows these tips to properly care for your hardwood floors.

You finally installed your beautiful hardwood floors throughout your home, but now you have to put in work to keep them looking new.  You might think hardwood floors are easier to take care of than carpet, but they require frequent maintenance.  The best thing is to create your own routine so cleaning your hardwood floors will be simple for the years to come.  

Frequent Dusting and Vacuuming

For the proper removal of every day dirt and dust, ditch the broom and pick up a dust mop with a microfiber cloth.  Unlike a broom, a dust mop captures are the dirt without scratching damaging your hardwood flooring.  Another effective method is using a vacuum with a floor brush attachment to get rid of everyday grime.  Dusting and vacuuming should done at least once a week or even daily for homes with a lot of foot traffic.

Mats and Rugs are Essential

Having a mat, at the entrance of your home, preferably a long one, will reduce the amount of dirt coming in and is a good place for guests to remove their shoes.  Decorating your home with throw rugs is a smart design technique and an effective way to maintain the integrity of your hardwood floors.  Especially if you have a lot of family member living in your home, rugs will help limit the amount of dirt on your floors.  When shopping for rugs, be sure to avoid any with vinyl or rubber backing because they can trap moisture, damaging your hardwood.

Polish to Protect

One of the best ways to clean your hardwood floors is to polish them every couple months.  This task effectively renews the finish that protects your floor ensuring that hardwood continues to be resistant to scratches and any other potential damage.  The type of polish you need to use depends on the type of finish.  So if your floors are protected by a wax finish, you only need to get a wax polish.  Simple enough, huh?


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