Wooden Exterior Door Maintenance Tips

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Learn how to care for your wood doors.

Whether you are renovating your home building it from the ground up, exterior doors are an important feature to any property.  Wooden exterior doors provide beauty and security to any home, and will last for many years to come.  Even wooden doors hold up well, you still need inspect and care for them so they can sustain their look.  There a few simple ways to properly maintain your wooden exterior door.

Inspect To Protect

It is critical that you inspect your door for any damage at least once to twice a year.  If you are not protecting your with a screen, then you should inspect it more often because the elements can have a negative impact on the wood.  There are a few things you should check for then inspecting your wooden doors:

  • Moisture damage to the wooden frame or in between the glass panel that protects your door.  If you notice moisture damage to your frame, replace it immediately and look for the source of the damage.
  • Faded, cracked, or damaged finishing on your door.  You just need to refinish your door.
  • Cracks or discoloration to the weather strip and replace it is soon as possible.


When taking care of your wooden doors, it is vital to clean them on both sides thoroughly for the best results.  Make sure when washing your wooden door to use a gentle cleaning solution such as a mild dish soap or baby shampoo.  Harsh chemicals can easily damage and destroy your wood.  It is best to use a spray bottle to clean your door and avoid using a power washing or a hose to prevent any structural damage.



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