4 Ways That You Can Change the Color of Your Hardwood Floor

There are four ways that you can change the color of your hardware floor.

Did you know that you can change the color of your hardwood floor? Regardless of the wood, stain, or finish that you pick, you don’t have to be tied down to just one color. There are many ways that you can upgrade your home or business and changing the appearance of your floor is one way to do so. Keep reading to learn about the four ways that you can change the color of your hardwood floors.

1) Sanding and Refinishing

If your hardwood floor hasn’t suffered from wear and tear, then you can indeed sand or refinish it. Otherwise, if your hardwood floor has seen better days, then it won’t hold up to sanding. You may want to replace it altogether. First, what you want to do is completely sand your hardwood floor which is undoubtedly the most critical process.  Next, you want to stain the flooring in a different color than the original. Thirdly, you can add the finish to the surface.

2) Glazing or Coating

The purpose behind glazing or coating is to give your hardwood floor a darker coloring. Several products are out on the market that can bring your hardwood floor back to life. These products include tinted topcoats, varnishes, and polyurethane. Just note that glazing or coating is a temporary fix and can leave your architectural millwork uneven and patchy. It’s not as beneficial as sanding and refinishing.

3) Whitewashing

Whitewashing, also known as bleaching, gives the hardwood a lighter color. Lightly colored wood helps the furniture to stand out due to contrast. A lot of people have created whitewash solutions to change the coloring of their hardwood. Just make sure that if you’re going to whitewash that you don’t attempt to whitewash a dark colored wood. It’ll end up making the hardwood look gray, muddy, and unappealing.

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