Avoid These Mistakes When Caring for Hardwood Floors

Avoid These Mistakes When Caring for Hardwood Floors mahogany inc

From installation issues to not cleaning up messes, there are a few mistakes that can make your flooring experience less than stellar.

Well-maintained floors provide a professional image, which is likely very important for your business and customers. Clean floors also lower the risk of accidents, such as slips, trips, and falls, and can save you money. A hardwood floor is a valuable investment, and you want to protect it, so it remains in good condition. However, as easy as it is to protect your hardwood floors, it is just as easy to harm them mistakenly. From installation issues to not cleaning up messes, there are a few mistakes that can make your flooring experience less than stellar. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when caring for your hardwood floors.

Choosing the Wrong Wood

Not all wood is the same, and each type has its own individual and unique characteristics. Be sure to educate yourself on the various types of wood and their features before choosing a species based solely on appearance. Consider both the function and style of your space. If you’re installing floors in a high-traffic area, harder wood will work the best to resist scratches and other day-to-day wear.

Not Sweeping Regularly

Not sweeping the floor regularly is a mistake many people make. Sweeping can help extend the lifespan of your wood flooring by removing the dirt, debris, and other abrasive particles that can scratch the floor’s surface and cause damage that will take much more effort to fix. Be mindful of vacuuming as well because, again, you don’t want to scratch the floor. You also want to get into any cracks or other hard-to-reach areas to remove all the dirt particles. The vacuum brush attachment is a good choice and will not hurt the floors.

Using Too Much Water

When mopping, do not saturate the floors with a lot of water. Water can cause the wood to warp and separate and cause discoloration. If you need to clean the floors, you should use a damp mop and dry the floor immediately after cleaning so that any water left behind will not linger and seep into the wood. Excessive amounts of water can harm the finish of your hardwood floor. Also, never use oil-based soaps on your hardwood floors. These products will leave a residue that will dull the floor’s finish.

Be Careful with Rugs and Furniture

Rubber or foam-lined mats, rugs, and plastic pads may discolor the wood floor by trapping moisture. Instead, use high-quality vinyl rug pads inside entryways and on high-traffic areas. When moving furniture around, never drag it across the floor. Doing so will leave scratches and dents on the hardwood floor. Instead, lift the furniture off the floor and then move it. Or, you can use felt pads on all tables and chair legs to prevent unintentional damage.

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