Handle Your Hardwood With Care: Mistakes to Avoid

A few simple mistakes can ruin the longevity of your hardwood flooring.

One element of a home that some homeowners tend to forget about is their hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are a vital addition to a home because they help add warmth and rusticness to an environment. If you handle them with care, they’ll beautify your home for decades to come! A few simple mistakes can ruin the longevity of your hardwood flooring. Keep reading to learn how to handle your hardwood with care. Here are some mistakes you should avoid!

Not Sweeping

Sweeping is one of the best things that you can do to not only clean your wood floor but to make it more durable. Debris can scratch a wood floor and make the floor dull once they’re underfoot. Cleaning often promotes preservation.

Using the Wrong Vacuuming Tools

Did you know that there are vacuuming attachments geared towards hardwood floors? They help to keep dust and dirt away from hard to reach places. The hardwood brush attachment on your vacuum is adequate while the beater bar causes damage.


This mistake may come as a shock, but water can damage wood. It can cause wood fibers to deteriorate and degrade over time. If your floors need heavy cleaning, make sure to use a slightly damp cloth and then dry the moisture with a towel.

Neglecting Spills

If you leave spills to wilt, then it’ll be extremely tough to remove them. Make sure to wipe spills up right away with a gentle cloth. If you need to add water to the spill to remove it, make sure to thoroughly wipe the water up as well so that it won’t cause water damage.

Walking Around in Shoes

Shoes, especially in the case of high heels, damage hardwood flooring. The pressure or forces cause wood to chip or crack. Tell your guests to leave them at the door. Entry mats help with this. Floor protectors placed under your furniture prevent scratches as well as clipping the claws of your furry friends.

Not Utilizing Mats

Mats can help protect your hardwood floor against dirt, dust, and debris. Otherwise, these outdoor elements can degrade your flooring over time. An entry mat can also serve as a place for guests to place their shoes so that they don’t scratch the floor or track unwanted debris all over your home.


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