Noteworthy Medical Facility Interior Design Tips

Here is our contribution for the Atrium inside of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins

Medical facilities are the most significant establishments that exist. Medical facilities exist to help heal people and nurse them back to good health. Here at Mahogany, Inc., our expert contractors have put their expertise into enhancing geriatric and nursing centers, hospitals, and medical offices. Some of our contributions include installing wood paneling at the Atrium inside of the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins and installing the woodwork in the patient rooms at Fort Belvoir Hospital. Are you thinking about upgrading your medical facility? We can help! Keep reading for some noteworthy medical facility interior design tips.

Does Your Medical Facility Run Efficiently?

The interior design of your medical facility should be efficient and practical. Maneuvering around the facility, especially in the case of emergencies, should not be challenging. Medical facilities have high expectations; therefore if you find that your building is impractical, then you should hire us to help.

How Cleanly is Your Facility?

Your hospital, nursing home, or medical office should be undeniably clean. Sanitation matters because germs spread in public places, especially when people are already sick. Open layouts make the interior of a building easy to clean. Tight, confined spaces make cleaning nearly impossible as you try to get into tight crevices.

Is Your Building Easy to Move Around In?

Accessibly is pivotal regarding those who have limited mobility. Your building should comply with safety codes as it relates to accessibility. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) enforces that public hospitals should be highly accessible for those with disabilities.

How Safe is Your Building?

There are other ways to ensure that your patients have a safe and comfortable experience. For example, think about how you want to design the steps in your building. Your stairs should have railings to prevent dangerous falls. If you own a small medical office, you may decide to opt-out of steps to take the strain away from older patients.

How Peaceful is Your Environment?

Because sickness causes discomfort, your patients should step into a healing environment. Ways that you can achieve this is via adding plants to your medical facility and making sure that a lot of natural sunlight comes in. Wood is also a natural element that brings calmness. Mahogany, Inc. can take care of the woodwork in your facility and help bring your vision to life!

Interested in Adding Woodwork to Your Medical Facility? Mahogany Inc. Is Here to Answer Your Questions and Inquiries

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