Hardwood Flooring Tips for Dog Owners

Dogs can be tough on hardwood flooring, but the two coexisting in harmony isn’t impossible.

Being a dog owner is rewarding, but it also takes a lot of hard work. When you’re a dog owner, you have to work a little harder to keep your home in pristine shape. Dogs can be tough on hardwood flooring, but the two coexisting in harmony isn’t impossible. Believe it or not, you can keep your hardwood floor in excellent shape even with a canine companion always in your company. We’re going to tell you precisely how. If you are a dog owner or are considering being one, then keep reading. In this blog, we’ll be sharing some hardwood flooring tips.

Have Realistic Expectations

Life happens. Nothing in life is perfect. Therefore, keeping your hardwood flooring perfect may be unrealistic. All wood, even high-quality hardwood, can scratch slightly over time. However, there are always things that you can do to aid in longevity, durability, and a beautiful appearance. Keeping scratches at bay is possible, even if you’re a dog owner.

Choose Wood With a Factory-Finish

Pre-finished wood floors are durable due to the staining and sealing process taking place in a factory where engineers add multiple layers of aluminum oxide-urethane to the hardwood. Aluminum oxide-urethane is tough. Trying to finish a pre-installed floor even by stacking on a lot of layers won’t have the same effect. Especially if you want the flooring to hold up to your canine companion.

Engineered Wood Flooring is Best

During the house-training process, engineered wood is best. Why? Because it’s moisture-resistant. Engineered wood has a top layer of solid wood and sheets of wood laminate that sit underneath, making it hard to warp easily. 

Use Hardwoods That Pass the Janka Hardness Test

The Janka hardness test examines the amount of force that it takes to dent hardwood to determine if it’s suitable for flooring. A 0.444-inch steel ball compresses into the wood. Woods that pass this test include Brazilian Walnut, Teak, Chestnut and Cherry, Tigerwood, Hickory, and yup, and you may have guessed it, Mahogany

Other Tips

  • Keep your dog’s claws clipped
  • Buy booties for your dog
  • Use rugs in combination with your hardwood flooring
  • Use hardwoods that look distressed, rustic, or have a rougher grain

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