Tips for Designing a Stadium With a Community Focus

We can help to develop or enhance your sports venue or sports complex interior design.

Mahogany, Inc. is a locally-owned business that believes in giving back to our community. We can help to develop or enhance your sports venue or sports complex interior design. Most stadiums in North America tend to follow the same formula. It’s a large complex with a lot of parking, and this kind of design doesn’t say “community.” There is indeed a disconnect. Today, we’ll share how to design a stadium with a community focus. Keep reading!

Focus on the Big Picture

If you want your sports venue to be valuable, then you should understand that your site is a part of a larger public plan. For example, let’s say that the purpose behind developing your sports venue is to give the youth in Urban communities an outlet. Then, you should make sure that your site is on a public transportation line. If your goal is to develop a sports complex that pushes a green initiative, you would need to work with a general contractor that knows how to make your complex efficient. Here at Mahogany, Inc., we specialize in general contracting and building commissioning. 

Keep the Community in Mind

The ideal sports stadium should be a place where multiple sports activities can take place all year round. It should also be a place where there can be community meetings and used as a broader community resource. For example, civilians should be able to use this space as an ice skating rink, to play baseball and basketball, and more. However, you could also use it as a place to house fundraising events and a place where keynote speakers can speak. This venue can also be a resource where community members can band together voice their opinions about civic concerns. 

Design with Large and Small Events in Mind

Of course, you want a sports venue that can house a basketball tournament. Any sports complex should have the ability to hold massive crowds. However, you should also design the space in a retractable way when you host smaller sports or community events. The tricky part about this is that the area should not just have the capability to fill more seats. Overall, you need to have paths, signage, and volume to house a more massive crowd. 


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