How Do I Clean My Mahogany Floor?

The deep and radiant coloring of mahogany attracts many homeowners.

The deep and radiant coloring of mahogany attracts many homeowners. It adds warmth to the home like no other hardwood flooring option. Mahogany hardwood flooring, just like any other flooring selections, needs special attention and care. When you make any investment, you want to aid in its longevity and durability. Improperly cleaning your hardwood floor will only damage it, or even worse, ruin it. That’s why we’re going to give you tips on how to clean a mahogany floor. 

Interior Cleaning Tips

Placing rugs and mats near entryways keeps dirt and debris from piling up on your hardwood floor. Taking off your when you come from outdoors is one way to prevent outside elements from dirtying up your mahogany. You can also have a designated area where guests can leave their shoes. You should also sweep your floor with a soft-bristled broom or dust mop it a few times a week to keep it looking brand new. 

Microfiber cleaning products have high-absorbency and efficiency when it comes to cleaning. Use a lightly damp microfiber cloth with a wood cleaner to remove tough dirt and stains. Dry with a towel immediately. 

If your hardwood floor has a wax versus surface finish, an electric buffer can help to restore its shine. If this isn’t effective, then you most likely need to replace the wax. 

Outdoor Cleaning Tips

You should sweep regularly. If this does not prove to be effective by itself, then you need you should also use a gardening hose. You should clean your deck annually with a deck cleaner following the manufacturer’s instructions. You can apply a deck sealant with a garden sprayer after a few days after you clean your mahogany and then use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub it. You can rinse the flooring with a garden hose. A water repellent also aids in preservation once the wood is dry and clean. 

Other Tips and Warnings

  • Clip your pets’ toenails so that the floor doesn’t become scratched
  • Keep your flooring dry and wipe up spills right away
  • Don’t use wax-based cleaners
  • Bleach is a bad idea as well as ammonia
  • Don’t wax a floor that doesn’t have a wax finish
  • Never soak any hardwood with water


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