How to Choose the Ideal Mahogany Flooring

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Although mahogany flooring might be costlier than other hardwood flooring species, it’s often a primary choice for buyers.

Known for its striped and rich brown-red hue appearance, mahogany flooring is unique. It is also often used to construct cabinets, furniture, and doors. Because of its sophisticated look and durability, it’s also popular due to its exoticness. So, it’s no surprise that mahogany works in any home or business because it comes in different styles, species, and colors, despite the interior design. However, selecting the correct type of mahogany flooring can be overwhelming, so check out these tips on finding your perfect one!

Mahogany Types

Mahogany is a primary choice for adding elegance and luxury to any space. Also, it’s a straight-grained reddish-brown wood harvested from various tropical hardwood species indigenous to North and South America. The three kinds are:

  • Honduran: The Honduran species is most commonly used in commercial applications and includes a fine grain that will provide swelling and shrinkage under various types of weather and temperatures.
  • African: African mahogany has many of the same characteristics as Honduran mahogany and looks identical differently. However, it’s not a genuine mahogany. Since processing takes more work, this means extra care must occur to create a smooth finish without wood damage.
  • Asian: This type of mahogany flooring is ideal for plywood and works well as engineered flooring. But it doesn’t withstand the quality of true mahogany regarding traditional furniture and flooring due to its tendency to splinter and limited durability.

Benefits of Mahogany Flooring

Although this flooring type might be costlier than other hardwood flooring species, it’s often a primary choice for buyers. So, true mahogany flooring has several benefits that make it worth the investment. Fortunately, this hardwood naturally resists decay triggered by insects and water damage. Additionally, it is typically free of imperfections and tightly grained. With these characteristics, mahogany flooring is less likely to buckle or crack in the future.

Also, mahogany is more robust than other types of wood species, such as pine and oak, and it is much sturdier, depending on the wood you select. Lastly, the red-brown tone of the wood indicates it will not quickly fade in the sunlight.

Care Tip for Your Mahogany Flooring

For regular cleaning, sweep your floors to avoid abrasive damage from debris that people and pets might track in. Make sure also to vacuum your floor once a week to eliminate dirt or dust that might have found its way between the floorboards. Lastly, never utilize water or water-based cleaners to clean your mahogany flooring, as the moisture may damage the wood.

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