How Humidity May Damage Your Custom Millwork

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This article explains how humidity may damage your custom millwork.

If you have hardwood floors, you know wood is durable. If properly cared for, wood can last a lifetime. However, there are several things you must know that can harm it. Among these is probably water. It’s not only standing water that may harm your millwork, but moisture, too. This article explains how humidity may damage your custom millwork.

What’s the Ideal Humidity for Custom Millwork?

Did you know that hardwood will swell if there is excess indoor moisture? In contrast, the hardwood will contract if the humidity is low. Neither of these is suitable for your millwork’s longevity. Instead, you want to keep your indoor moisture between 40-50%. If you’re going to gauge your indoor humidity level, purchasing a dual humidity and temperature meter would help.

Increasing Humidity Levels

If you’ve discovered after measuring your indoor humidity level that it’s too high for your custom millwork, this is typically a simple fix. The easiest method to fix this problem is with a commercial humidifier. In addition, these come in different styles and vary dramatically regarding portability and price range. Also, they are a popular way to introduce humidity into the air because you gain complete control over precise moisture levels.

Moreover, there are other measures you can complete. For instance, leaving clothing out to dry can increase humidity levels. Others will even enable water to boil and evaporate into the air.

Lowering Humidity Levels

The summers in Maryland may be sweltering and humid. During the summer, you may find that your indoor moisture level is excessive, and you’ll have to minimize it to keep your custom millwork in perfect condition. So, the most prevalent way to do so is with a commercial dehumidifier.

Lowering your indoor humidity level to 40% isn’t just a good investment in your custom millwork; it can make a massive difference in keeping your health and home healthy. Please make sure to inspect your millwork and humidity levels as the seasons change. When you follow these precautions, your hardwood will last forever.

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