Millwork Myths Debunked

We’re architectural millwork experts who understand that the concept of millwork can be challenging to grasp.

Here at Mahogany, Inc. we’re architectural millwork experts who understand that the concept of millwork can be challenging to grasp. Understanding the ins and outs of millwork can be challenging when you don’t work in this industry. There are a million things that you can read on the Internet. Trying to decipher between what’s accurate and inaccurate presents a challenge. Not only that, it’s hard to gain a general concept of what millwork is and what it isn’t. We’re here to debunk some myths. Keep reading!

Millwork is the Same as Woodwork

Here at Mahogany, Inc. we can indeed upgrade your front door or enhance your business with woodwork. However, these two concepts are not the same. Woodwork merely refers to anything handcrafted and made out of wood. Millwork refers to building materials produced in a factory or a mill. Millwork creates prefinished windows and doors, while woodwork adds more of a personal touch. Both help any building or home have a stylish structure. You can’t go wrong with choosing one or the other or both! We are experts at both.

The Type of Wood You Choose Doesn’t Matter.

The texture of the wood is one of the most critical components when making a selection. The way you describe your wood choice matters when speaking to a contractor. For example, cedar and maple have different textures, so it’s essential to know the difference. 


You should also make sure that you know the distinction between softwoods and hardwoods. Hardwood is massive and takes a long time to grow. Their durability is ideal when you want furniture that will last a long time. However, because softwood grows at a quick rate, it’s more suitable for a commercial environment or used during construction. 

Casework is the Same as Woodwork

If you want to upgrade your cabinets or add a bookcase to your home, then you would talk to a contractor about casework. Casework refers to box making and involves pre-made shelving, storage, or cabinetry that you can purchase. Casework is not custom while woodwork and millwork can be. Because of this, casework tends to be a more affordable option.


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