You Need an Experienced General Contractor: Here’s Why

We are experts regarding general contracting

We are experts regarding general contracting. You need us on your team. We’re a locally-owned business that has spirit, character, and the expertise to bring your project to life. A lot of our efforts have focused on healthcare general contracting, but that’s not all we do. We’ve also worked with BGE and Exelon Tower Headquarters. Regardless of the industry, we can help. You need an experienced general contractor, keep reading to learn why.

Save Yourself Time

Your contractor has the responsibility of preventing costly downtime even when there are setbacks. They also handle the timing and scheduling for subcontractors so that your project gets completed on time. Any issues that arise, a general contractor will tackle right away. Your plan should run smoothly, and you can save yourself some weeks or months by hiring someone like us, who has a lot of experience. We’ve been around since 1991.

Save Yourself Money

When hiring a general contractor that knows what they’re doing, things won’t go wrong. When things go wrong during construction, you can spend a lot of money trying to correct these issues. Also, when a subcontractor works under a general contractor, the price tends to be higher. General contractors know how to get a lower bid. They also tend to buy in bulk so that you can get high-quality materials, but for a lower cost.

Strong Relationships

When choosing subcontractors and suppliers, a general contractor has usually worked with them on previous projects. Subcontractors are selective about the work they want. The best subcontractors desire to complete the job without much interruption, thinks about the amount of expertise your contractor has about construction and looks into their payment history. Because a construction project takes a lot of communication and cooperation, healthy relationships between the people that will bring your vision to life are crucial.

Licensing, Insurance, and an understanding of Building Codes

To work legally, a contractor has to receive a license from their state board. A contractor having approval from the state board ensures you that the contractor is following all of the necessary compliance rules. Liability insurance is also required if an accident happens during the completion of the product.

In regards to building codes, sometimes a building owner can’t automatically tell if the building complies to safety codes, but a general contractor does know. You save yourself time and money because you won’t have to pay for additional inspection.

Have More Questions About General Contracting? Mahogany Inc. Is Here to Answer Them!

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