P.S.103 Thurgood Marshall Amenity Center in West Baltimore, MD

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Learn more about our project, P.S. 103, and its contribution to West Baltimore.

The heart of West Baltimore still beats in one of Mahogany’s many projects, P.S.103 Thurgood Marshall Amenity Center, giving life to the beloved community. In particular, it was on the cover of the ABC Greater Baltimore membership directory. Keep reading to learn more about our project, P.S. 103, and its contribution to West Baltimore.

Introduction of P.S. 103 in West Baltimore

How has P.S. 103 historically contributed to Baltimore, Maryland? Designed by architect George A. Frederick (who also designed Lawyers Mall, City Hall, and other buildings), many people have begun their education at P.S. 103. The historical building has also allowed them to thrive in this world. Also, it was named after a man who was born in slavery and who soon became the first African American to give a sermon to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Moreover, P.S. 103 is where the great Justice Thurgood Marshall first learned about the Constitution of the United States of America. The 1954 Brown vs Board of Education also impacted Walter Sondheim to lead the desegregation of Baltimore Schools.

History of P.S. 103

On Division St. in Upton lies a school that once taught the girls and boys who grew up to be among Baltimore’s significant leaders and brightest lights. P.S. 103, or the Henry Highland Garnet School, was the heart of a buzzing community. While West Baltimore grew and provided hard-working individuals and courageous children a place to live, play, and work, the school of excellence taught many of them. As a result, they taught the world. The community anchor also sits by the former law offices of Juanita Jackson Mitchell. Juanita was the first Black female to practice law in Maryland, and the Union Baptist Church has helped West Baltimore since 1852. Overall, P.S. 103 is a building that has given so much to the world we share, and it still has more to offer.

West Baltimore’s Future

Reclaiming its role as an educational center, a force for equalization, and a place where everyone may go to provide and receive assistance, P.S. 103’s transformation can revitalize old West Baltimore. Contact Mahogany, Inc. at (410) 727-0334.  Our historic wood restoration company has worked on various projects in Baltimore and surrounding areas, including Johns Hopkins, Baltimore Convention Center, Maryland Medical Center, and Maryland Live.

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