Tips on Maintaining Wood Paneling

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Here are some care steps you can do to keep your custom wood paneling looking new for years.

Custom wood paneling is a wonderful addition to any home. However, that stylish flair can become dull quickly if you don’t properly maintain it. So, regular maintenance is necessary to keep custom wood paneling looking new. Here are some care steps you can do to keep your custom wood paneling looking new for years.

Light Washing

You need a pair of 1-gallon buckets with two cellulose sponges for an effective light-washing procedure. Secondly, mix two teaspoons of mild dishwashing detergent thoroughly into a gallon bucket with warm water. Remember to work from the bottom up, working in small sections and immediately drying. However, avoid allowing the solution to sit on the wood paneling for a long time because it can make the wood thick and white finish.

Dust & Vacuum Regularly

Dirt, dust, and other debris will make a home in the nooks of genuine wood paneling if you allow it. While dusting will successfully eliminate surface dirt, regular vacuuming is necessary to eliminate any pesky dirt. In addition, use the soft brush attachment on the end of your vacuum before working orderly across the wall. Also, work at the top and work your way down slowly. Although you need to vacuum bi-monthly, weekly dustings are a must.

Apply a Lemon Oil Finish

Use lemon oil or any other polish or oil you prefer to keep your custom wood paneling looking clean and polished for years. Additionally, apply the product with a clean cloth toward the grain after appropriately washing it and dusting it to maintain that brand-new appearance you love.

Final Thoughts

If you care for the wood paneling in your home correctly, it can be beautiful for a long time. Besides the charm of it, low maintenance is one of the main attractions of wood paneling. Generally, the only maintenance is dusting from ceiling to floor with a vacuum cleaner or soft cloth brush. In addition, the finish on the paneling products adds a protection layer to the wood. As a result, this prevents light moisture from reaching it. So, when you clean your paneling, you are actually cleaning the finish.

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