The Acoustic Properties of Wood

Wood has a number of advantages when it comes to room acoustics.

Wood has a number of advantages when it comes to room acoustics.

Whether you are looking for the perfect flooring and building material for a concert hall or library, you might be interested in the acoustic properties of wood. So why exactly is wood a popular choice for concert halls, stringed instruments, and other musical things?

Timber’s Structure

Wood works beautifully for music because of its inner structure, believe it or not! The network of wood cells within each board of wood work to convert sound energy into heat energy through frictional resistance and vibration. The internal friction within timber allows wood to dampen sound more than many other types of building materials. If you have ever spoken in a concrete room, you know that it will echo harshly and loudly. The same can occur in a room with a lot of brick, glass, or non-wood building materials. Unlike in a concrete room, a room with wood on the floors or walls will have beautiful acoustics without a huge amount of reverberation.

How Is Wood Used to Improve Acoustics?

Aside from the physical acoustic properties of wood mentioned above, wood can be installed in several different places to improve sound. If a building is made of concrete, wood panels can be installed to reduce echo. Many theatres or auditoriums use wood in the flooring, ceilings, or in the form of wood acoustic tiles to increase the warmth and beauty of the sound (and the room itself!). If you need high impact sound absorption, wood acoustic panels with holes in them can be a great way to absorb more sound. These holes can be drilled in in different patterns or designs to make them seem more like an addition to the décor and less like a functional part of the room.

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