The Advantages of a Timber-Based Office Design

timber office design

A timber-based office design offers a lot of benefits.

Whether you appreciate the warmth that wood can offer a room or are looking for new ways to spice up your office design, timber is a great way to boost your office’s aesthetic value and increase functionality. Here are some of the primary advantages of using timber-based office design for your office.

Timber is Beautiful

To put it plainly, timber is beautiful. Timber-based office design can create a space that feels distinguished, timeless, and elegant. You can experiment with which woods you choose and even use multiple different colors of wood within your office design to signify different moods and areas. Timber signifies traditional wealth as well, so it will naturally increase the level of respect that your employees and clients give the workplace itself and your company as a whole.

Timber-Based Office Design is Flexible

There are seemingly endless varieties of hardwood and softwood available for your new timber based office design. Timber is typically lightweight, so it is a great framing material. Some woods work well for insulation, others work beautifully as furniture material, and other woods serve beautifully in a number of ways. Beyond the types of wood available, there are many different ways to finish the wood. You can paint timber, carve it, varnish it, stain it, or do even more creative things with it to fully customize your workplace.

Cost Effectiveness

While timber and wood are traditionally associated with wealth and elegance, that doesn’t mean that using them for your office design will break the bank. Timber is much more durable than steel framing when it comes to building your office, even though it costs less. Wood also typically requires less maintenance in your office, leading to even greater cost savings. There’s a reason that so much old furniture made of wood has lasted decade after decade—it’s a durable and long lasting material.

When it Comes to Timber-Based Office Design, Mahogany, Inc. Has You Covered

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