The Importance of a LEED Certification

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Keep reading to learn the importance of a LEED certification and whether your next project should be LEED certified.

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) was created by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to certify green buildings and quality environmentally friendly building practices. Mahogany, Inc. is dedicated to working with environmentally friendly facilities and has collaborated with the University of Maryland to construct a new Performing Arts and Humanities Building. Keep reading to learn the importance of a LEED certification and whether your next project should be LEED certified.

What is LEED?

The demand for sustainable buildings is increasing. In addition, the demand from shareholders and tenants to minimize environmental impacts requires property managers to understand and be responsible for their facility’s environmental performance. A LEED certification is a global standard of recognizing cost-effective, efficient, and better buildings for occupants and the environment.

Furthermore, LEED certification benefits you, your tenants, and the environment:

  • Green buildings cost less to manage because they utilize fewer resources such as energy and water and produce less waste. In addition, having a LEED certification will improve your facility’s image and establish you as a leader in green building.
  • Also, most buildings have toxic chemical odors that can distract and trigger employee illness, ultimately affecting employee productivity and satisfaction. So, LEED certification for healthcare facilities and schools is essential for making an indoor environment that supports excellent air quality and occupant health.
  • Lastly, LEED-certified structures minimize stress on the environment.

To achieve LEED-certified status, building projects should meet requirements and earn points for various levels of certification. To learn more about our LEED projects, visit here.

LEED v4: Most Current Standard

LEED v4 specializes and creates an enhanced user experience. According to USGBC, v4 is better because:

  • Rewards projects for placing smart grid thinking at the forefront
  • Offers a clear picture of water efficiency
  • Emphasize materials beyond how much is there to understand better what’s in those materials and how they influence our health
  • More performance-based appearance at indoor environmentally friendly buildings quality to emphasize occupants’ comfort

LEED Certified Interior Design & Construction

LEED certification rating systems differ for various projects, and each system has different combinations of credit rewards. Additionally, Mahogany, Inc. emphasizes significantly on Interior Design and Construction. This also applies to projects that involve interior fit-outs, like our collaboration with UMBC.

Overall, LEED-certified environmentally friendly buildings lead to more green, sustainable building practices, and Mahogany, Inc. takes pride in being part of the initiative!

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