What Does It Mean to Be LEED Certified?

LEED certified UMBC

UMBC’s new Performing Arts and Humanities Building is proudly LEED certified

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is an initiative by the United States Green Building Council to certify green buildings and recognize best in-class environmentally friendly building practices. In our efforts to work on LEED certified projects, we recently partnered with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County to build a brand new Performing Arts and Humanities Building. Mahogany, Inc. takes pride in its efforts to work with environmentally friendly buildings. Read on to learn what it means to be LEED certified, and consider whether your next project should be LEED certified.

What is LEED?

Green building leadership is fundamentally changing the way we thinking about building and community design, construction, maintenance, and operation. From sustainable practices to clean, renewable energy, LEED certified environmentally friendly buildings are designed to save money and resources while promoting good health across the globe. To achieve LEED certified status, building projects must meet requirements and earn points for different levels of certification. There are different rating systems with different qualifications, and the type of certification depends on the type of project. Learn more about LEED certified buildings in USGBC’s digital LEED brochure.

LEED v4: Newest Premier Benchmark

Constantly updating to meet new environmentally friendly buildings’ standards, LEED v4 is more specialized and designed for improved user experience. According to USGBC, here’s why v4 is better:

  • Focus on materials beyond how much is used, to get a better understanding of what’s in those materials, and how they affect our health
  • More performanced-based look at indoor environmentally friendly buildings quality to ensure occupants’ comfort
  • Rewards projects for putting smart grid thinking in the forefront
  • Provides a clear picture of water efficiency

LEED Certified Interior Design and Construction

LEED certification rating systems vary for different types of projects, and each system has different combinations of credit rewards. Mahogany, Inc. focuses largely on Interior Design and Construction. This applies to projects that involve interior fit-outs, such as our work with UMBC.


LEED certified environmentally friendly buildings lead the path to more green and sustainable building practices, and Mahogany, Inc. is proud to be a part of the initiative.



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