The Most Popular Office Design Tips of 2019

The Most Popular Office Design Tips of 2019

Transform your office space in 2019!

As we head into the second month of 2019, it’s important to take a step back and consider whether your office space is enhancing your employee’s experience or detracting from it. If you haven’t kept up with the changes in office design, you may unintentionally be limiting the productivity and satisfaction of your staff. If you’re ready to embrace change, these tips can help get your office space on the track to success.

Open Workspaces

With the increasing popularity of work from home and unconventional workspaces growing the need for open and adaptable office has increased. This new trend has resulted in several dramatic changes. While cubicles and walled offices were once favored, a more free-flowing, collaborative work floor is becoming the norm. Instead of walls or formal partitions, office designers are opting for more natural, soft approaches such as bamboo walls hung with plants and metal display cases. Additionally, many workplaces are making use of “third spaces” or sections of the office that are neither desk nor meeting room that allow for more freedom of movement.

Improved Lighting

While researchers have known that lighting can make a dramatic effect on productivity many workplaces have been slow to catch up. Improving lighting in the workplace is shown to have reduced absenteeism 15% and increase productivity by up to 20%. Consider the lighting in your office space. If you’re guilty of not having enough light, and enough natural toned light, an update might be in order. When possible, a mix of natural and artificial light should be used to create the perfect balance of less eye strain and more productivity.

Highlighting Well Being

Attracting the right employees and retaining them is always a struggle, particularly for companies with a lacking work environment. By improving your commitment to employee well being, you can create a workplace that your staff loves to be in and wants to commit to. Creating flexible, technologically advanced, wellness-driven office spaces may not be easy at first; it does involve investment in programs and etc. that are not immediately profit driving. However, by investing in a wellness culture, you’ll ensure that your staff is committed to your cause and boost overall morale significantly. Some ideas for how to create a wellness driven business is to include spaces for meditation and quiet stretching, access to yoga classes and walking trails, improving the coffee station with an espresso bar, and setting up massage, chiropractor, and acupuncture stations.


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