Three Ways to Incorporate Custom Millwork in Your Design


Custom Baltimore architectural millwork needs proper care to look its best.

Custom millwork can enhance any design and space. Thoughtful accents can go a long way in adding personality and warmth to your Baltimore interior design and given the rapid disappearance of quality craftsmanship they can make your space stand out from the crowd. But how can you incorporate custom millwork into your design? Read on for 3 ideas on how custom millwork can enhance your design.

Ceiling details

Custom millwork can be installed on your ceiling to create a subtle yet impactful design element. The design can easily be made to echo your molding and other details to give a coherence to the visual flow of your Washington D.C. office or building. Ceiling details can range from simple to ornate depending on your desires and the rest of your design. Whatever you choose, investing in custom millwork for you ceiling will make an impression on your clients as it is not a detail you see very commonly anymore.

Wood paneling

Warm, rich wood throughout the walls of your space harken back to the days of lavish studies and ornate offices. Wood paneling looks great in many applications and we have installed it in projects ranging from schools tohealthcare offices to hospitals in and around Washington DC. Your imagination is the only limitation!

Custom casework

Casework refers to the assembled parts that make up a cabinet. Custom casework can be designed to offer storage solutions that also enhance the visual impact of your space. Built-in cabinets that echo the other elements in your design create a coherent look that exemplifies your attention to detail. Cabinets can also be designed to your specific needs, offering storage solutions perfectly tailored to your situation. Custom casework also requires skilled craftsmanship to build cabinets that will last. The details that go into your custom casework go far beyond simply what you see but ensure that you will enjoy your design for years to come.

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