What Are the Benefits of Working with an MBE Company?

Jeff Hargrave, Mahogany, Inc. President & Founder

Working with an MBE company provides many benefits.

At Mahogany, Inc., we are extremely proud of our status as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and we have MBE certifications in the state of Maryland as well as several Maryland counties and other states such as New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

You might be curious as to what this means for you – is partnering with or purchasing from an MBE really different than any other venture you enter into? It very much is, for several reasons. Working with an MBE provides many benefits, and of course – MBE or no MBE – Mahogany, Inc. provides the highest level of service imaginable.

What are the Differences an MBE Company Brings to the Table?

Glad you asked! There are any number of differences – all of them positive – that accrue from working with an MBE company.

  1. An MBE protects a company’s ability to deliver: Developing a vast base of domestic suppliers safeguards the corporation from sudden market shifts and catastrophic disruptions in a supplier’s ability to deliver as promised. Due to increased competition, there is a lower total cost of ownership due to increased competition. And it of course only makes good business sense to seek out and utilize the best business partners
  2. Taps domestic growth opportunities: Minority-owned companies in America’s urban centers like Baltimore and Washington, D.C. present opportunities for corporations to strengthen their supplier networks and offer untapped growth areas.An inclusive supply base increases value and standing with various governmental and NGO agencies An inclusive supply base aligns corporations with their employees and stockholders
  3. Creates affinities with emerging markets: Doing business with minority-owned companies improves employment opportunities in minority communities, increasing their purchasing power and, potentially, creating an affinity for a company’s brand(s) or products within these fast growing markets.
  4. Guarantees experience and competence: Before applying for MBE status, minority-owned companies must have been in business at least one year, so you know you’re working with an experienced firm that is committed to building a thriving enterprise.

And, because MBEs compete for exclusive government-funded projects, you get the assurance that their businesses are being regulated and the peace of mind that they’re in good standing. That means you don’t have to worry about shady business practices, payment issues or under-qualified staff in your supply chain.

Mahogany, Inc., your MBE Contracting Company

Mahogany, Inc. is a general contractor specializing in quality construction for projects across a wide range of industries. Located in southwest Baltimore, we employ 100 persons, and are one of the largest minority-owned businesses in the state of Maryland. Make sure to check back with our blog every week!


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