Tips for Caring for Wooden Doors

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Learn how to care for a wooden door.

Caring for the wooden elements in your home requires special products and techniques. You want to do what you can to preserve its natural color, beauty, and charm. Wooden doors are the heart of your home and play a big role in the overall look of your house, especially from the outside. Follow this guide for wood care and keeping your door looking its best.  


Thee first tip for caring for wooden doors is making sure that you keep up with regular cleaning. If you maintain a normal schedule for your door care, you will likely avoid having to make larger repairs and fixes in the future. Use a dry cloth or your favorite duster to wipe away any cobwebs and dust that accumulates. If you have the time, keep up with this practice once a week. On the outside of the door, keeping those cobwebs away will also keep spiders and other insects from hanging out in your doorway. For a deeper clean, use a mild dish soap and hot water. Use a nonabrasive sponge that won’t leave scratches in the wood. Be sure to thoroughly rinse away all the soapy water and allow it to completely dry. Remember the details — open the door so that you can clean around the edges with a damp cloth.    

Preventing Damage

Because wood is a porous material, after you’ve done your cleaning, make sure that the wood is able to dry thoroughly. If necessary, use a fan directed toward the door. Excess moisture could cause the wood to swell, warp, and even crack. If you’ve had your wooden doors for a while, it might be time to re-stain them. It not only preserves the beauty, but it protects the wood by sealing it from the environment. Go through your cleaning routine and then apply your chosen finishing stain or paint. With has much attention you’ve been paying to the actual wood on the door, don’t forget about the fixtures. They are usually made of a metal material and require cleaning as well. Help keep your family healthy by sanitizing them while you clean.    


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