Tips to Designing a Lecture Hall

UMBC Hall Photo 02

There are several elements that need to come together to design a lecture hall.

Education design is about creating spaces that foster learning through discovery, discussion, and discourse. In large spaces, it’s easier for some students to get lost in the crowd without the ability to make sure that each individual is able to grasp the lessons, or even hear and see the teacher. Designing a lecture hall should combine ways to keep students engaged while ensuring that everyone in the room feels personally taught. Here are some tips for designing a lecture hall.  

The Vision

Lecture halls are large space that hundreds of students will file into for classes, presentations, and discussions. The most effective way to ensure that every single person in the room can see what’s happening at the front is with the use of large screens. In addition, it’s necessary for the design of the room to make sure that everyone’s sightline will remain unobstructed by the person sitting in front of them. In a room with a flat floor, there must be a raised stage but not to the point where students will have to crane their necks in awkward and uncomfortable positions. Tiered flooring allows for better sightlines and a shorter ceiling height requirement.       

The Acoustics

When it comes to designing an acoustics system for large spaces, the challenge becomes ensuring an even sound that is as clear and sufficient for people in the back as it is for those in the front; and devoid of echoes and feedback. Acoustic engineers are experts in this area and will provide expert advice for the appropriate solution in your lecture hall. It’s a matter of investing in a quality sound system combined with using custom millwork and other materials that are specifically used to facilitate the movement of sound in a large space.     

The Participation

It’s true that a lecture hall is often used for lectures and presentations, but classes that are held in lecture halls still require participation and involvement from the students. Therefore, there are some other accessories and features that should be included, like surfaces for note taking, laptops, and tablets. In some cases, lecture halls with tiered flooring will put two rows of seats in each tier to encourage group work. Another versatile option involves fixed tables and moveable chairs so that students aren’t relegated to one seating arrangement.   


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