Tips for Upgrading Your Hotel Lobby

Maryland Live Casino wooden interior design

A hotel lobby or any lobby within a business says a lot. It’s the first thing that guests or visitors see and can make or break the way that they feel about your establishment. A hotel lobby should be warm, welcoming, and well-designed, and Mahogany, Inc. can help you achieve precisely that. Local hotels all around Maryland have entrusted us to do what we do we do best: architectural millwork. If you’re interested in upgrading your hotel lobby, then here are some tips. 

Think About Your Guests

Before you upgrade your hotel lobby, research your guests’ demographics. It will make a significant difference. The type of guests that frequent your hotel will affect your interior design and design elements. A hotel that caters to guests who attend conferences will differ from one where the guests only travel for business purposes. Here are a few demographics and factors that will make all the difference in your hotel design:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Job descriptions
  • Habits of the guests/activities they enjoy
  • How long guests typically stay

Enhance Your Hotel Lobby by Adding Zones

At a hotel, guests want to feel as comfortable as they do at home. It would help if you thought of your hotel lobby as a living space, versus just a transition space. Zones help create harmony and balance. You can place check-out/check-in counters at the edge of the room while leaving sitting areas in the middle. In your sitting area, make sure that they are a variety of comfortable seating styles that will accommodate small and large groups. Circles of couches surrounding a coffee table are synonymous with group gatherings while high-back chairs at small tables work well for individuals. 

Add Natural Elements to Your Hotel Design

If you want your hotel thought of with warm regards, then why not add natural elements that add warmth to the ambiance? Plantlife, along with wooden interior design, helps create a homey environment. If you need experts that specialize in wooden interior design, then you’re reading the right blog. For almost 30 years, we have enhanced many businesses with our wooden interior design skills. We’d love to add your business to the list of our satisfied customers. If your hotel lobby needs an upgrade, then give us a call. 


If you’re ready to see all the ways wood can revamp your business, Mahogany Inc. is here for you. We possess both the expertise and experience to handle whatever problem you need to be tackled. Call us with any questions at 410-727-0334 and a licensed professional will be sure to help. To see examples of our work and to gain inspiration for your next project, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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